Standard Register K-Web

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The Standard Register Company built their intranet, known within the company as the "Knowledge Web" or K-Web, as a repository of a wide array of useful business materials. However, as with many such projects with multiple contributors, it ended up becoming a hodge-podge of miscellaneous bits and pieces with no organization and no easy means of locating information.

In 2000, the company launched a massive campaign to reorganize and mold the K-Web into a more useful resource for its employees. Part of that process involved the creation of a solid new identity for the site.

You can see the process I went through to create this new identity for the K-Web.

Beginning by brainstorming on paper, I sketched out thirty possible concepts for the new logo. Several of these were selected to be comped out in illustration software. Some of the comps were rejected, others made it through the winnowing process and gradually refined and merged together into the final K-Web logo, forming the necessary design foundation for a cohesive and unified web site.