Standard Register 100 Plus Club

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Certain logos require more research than brainstorming. Standard Register's 100 Plus Club annual event logo is one such piece.

The 100 Plus Club was an annual incentive program for the SRC sales force. Representatives who accomplished 100% or more of their sales goals for the year were rewarded with an all-expenses paid vacation to a tropical resort location for the 100 Plus Club awards ceremony.

An event of such magnitude generated a great deal of collateral, all of which needed to be tied together with a common theme. For the events of 2000-2001, it was my job to produce that material.

These logos required careful research into the event locale, its culture and symbols in order to create a unique identity each year. The completed logo and variants of it were used throughout the event on brochures, schedules, mailings, t-shirts, beach bags and towels, hats, name tags, and many other pieces of collateral.